Heather (moviesurfer) wrote in abc_dis_stills,

Ok so it's been over a year and I've decided maybe, perhaps if there is interest I will revive this community if there is any interest...

Anyway that being said feel free to comment with the following

Fave ABC Primetime Series (current)
Fave ABC Primetime Series (past)
Fave ABC Daytime Series
Fave SoapNet origional or syndicated series(ex: Being Erica,The OC, One Tree Hill...)
Fave ABC Family Origional Series (Past or Present...ex:Kyle XY, Greek...)
Fave Disney Channel Series(past)
Fave Disney Channel (or XD) series (present)

Also feel free to share theme ideas or cap resorces for your fandoms of choice....

IF I relaunch it will be early/mid September
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